Hello, my name is Brian D. Hamilton or as I prefer to go by my pen name: Harzak Metallum. I was born in the late afternoon on the 1st day of July. I've always had an eye for the easily missed. I've held a plethora of positions as a temp, trying to find where I fit. I am fortunate to have the experiences of working with many different people and company cultures.

I enjoy many creative passions: writing, drawing, organizing, cooking, baking, mixing, building, making music, photography and story-telling. I am also passionate about healthy male body image, LGBTQ+ activism, Polyamory activism, board games, and travel. My love for User Experience design stemmed from my attempts at making my colleagues work lives easier. From creating inventory checklists, building informational profiles with the Sabre GDS, and transferring information from a decades old program to Microsoft Sharepoint, these were the seeds that grew into my desire to pursue UX Design. If I could make fellow co-workers lives easier, why not everyone else?

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